Roy R Purtell
Enlisted from Albany, NY
December, 1965

written 5/7/02

I had pre-enlisted while still in high school.
My location of boot camp & submarine service was firmed up prior to my departure to San Diego, CA.

Basic training at San Diego, CA, during the Winter of '65-'66. I can thank my brother-in-law for this.
He was already in the Navy serving on submarines.
He saved me from shoveling all that snow in Great Lakes, IL.

After Basic training,
there was Basic Electricity & Electronics School, plus Torpedoman "A" School,
both at San Diego, CA.

Reported to Submarine School, New London, CT, as a TMSN.

Reported onboard Sea Owl in the Fall of 1966, doing the normal Seaman Gang and Mess Cooking duty.

Made 3rd Class in April of '67, spending my complete time working in the After Torpedo Room.

Discharged August of '69.

Married Carol in September of '70.

Have two children.

Have been working in the transportation field since being discharged. Have been in supervisory positions with various
trucking operations. Presently working as a driver, delivering US mail for a private contractor.

I enjoy playing golf in my spare time when I find time away from my responsibilities as President of the Sea Owl Association.

This is me, taken while onboard Sea Owl.
Carol & I
Taken during our Hagerstown, MD reunion