USS Sea Owl Association
2007 reunion cruise
Ken Nichols TM 66-68 & Bob Kail ET 64-65
Our WWII Veterans & Plankowners

(left) Bob Evans EM 44-45 & wife Donna
(right) Alton Calvert EM 44-46 & wife Marion

During a night at dinner

(left working toward window)
Doug Jensen MM 63-66, Bob Kail ET 64-65, Phyllis LaLonde, Ken Johnson LTjg 62-65
(right working toward window)
Leonard Marcoux EM 63-66, Bob Kails sister Katie, Bob LaLonde EN 46-49, Judith Willoughby(traveling with Ken)

(Look just like the Sea Owl's mess hall)

The whole group of submarine sailors & 1st mates onboard for this cruise.
Picture includes Sea Owl & Sea Poacher sailors.

Center in brown shirt is Little John Romagnano GMC (SS) 50-73
was onboard Toro SS422, Triton SS586, Sea Wolf SS575
He was onboard for a cruise of his own, once we found him, we invited him into our group photo.
Something that he was very thankful for, he will never forget our brotherhood toward him.

This picture was taken during the night of the captains dinner.
It includes those shipmates of the Sea Owl and the Sea Poacher.
Picture taken after our reunion dinner & business meeting at Kings Bay.

(kneeling left to right) John Leers YN 53-57, Paul Kruger ET 57-60, Ken Nichols TM 66-68,
Roy Purtell TM 66-69.

(left to right) Jim Blackwelder ST 68-69(in jacket), Tom Moniz EM 62-66(dark shirt/glasses)
Jim Lieser ET 49-52, Doug Jensen MM 63-66, Francis Rabaey TM 53-55, Don Clouse EM 52-54,
Henry Fulkoski EN 68-69, Walt Deal TM 62-65

(left to right) Gerald Morrison EM 53-55(red shirt), Frank Kenyon ST 68-69,behind Morrison
is Ed LaBreck EM 64-66, Bill Brinkman FN 59-60, Jim Campbell MM 45-47, John Solon EM 62-66, in front of Solon is Harold Hill Jr, son of Harold Hill TM 45-45, Ken Boyer IC 59-60, Howie Stein IC 59-61, Mike (Maysonet) Jansen TM 59-62, Mike Toomey ET 63-64, Ken Johnson LTjg 62-65