4000th Dive Celebration
August, 1954
"Chief of the Boat"
Lyle Clark HMC 53-57
takes Sea Owl down for the 4000th time
Sea Owl Celebrates 4000 dive August, 1954

Extreme left is I think, Bill Knapp.Seated left is Rufus Weaver/standing Dennis Bauchspies/cook looking at camera is Robert Payeur/1st class is Eugene Bakkum/Officers are Lamar.S. Taylor (CO) right is Vice-Admiral Combs.

Rufus Weaver was onboard Sea Owl for 12 years of his Navy Career.
Retiring in 1965 now living in the New London CT area. A real Sea Owl Hooter!!

Left to right Francis Rabaey TM2,CO Lamar Taylor, Adm.T.S. Combs U.S. Sixth Fleet Commander, Harold Walker TM1

Thanks Francis for these great pictures.

On May,15,1968 Sea Owl performed her 11,000th dive & surface.

Chow Time

Left to right/ #1 unknown #2 (white shirt) Roberts #3 Francis Rabaey #4 Bob Laird #5 unknown, was a SO #6 unknown #7 John Leers #8 Morrison.
Two on right are unknown.

Forward Engine room, looking aft.

Left to right: #1 Lockman/ #2 Kentz #3 Bryant #4 & 5 are unknown.

Forward Torpedo Room,looking forward

Left to right: All we know is the one in the rack. He is Paquette (ENC). Fellow with the Ukulele is a Torpedoman, but name is unknown.

Rufus Weaver CS 47-59

Doing his thing, in the galley

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