Additional photo taken of shipmates in the late 60's

Looking at camera is Mike Carmody YN 67-68
Fishing for his supper, coffee cup is used to keep bait down
Easter Sunday 1968
Center of picture is COB, Danny Bodner ENC
One the left, Red Hair is Jim Franks TM 66-68
Easter Sunday 1968
Left, no shirt is Ted Kalman RM 66-69. Behind Ted, with open shirt is Bill Kirby RM 66-68. On right with white shirt is Chief Storekeeper(?).
Easter Sunday 1968
Easter Sunday 1968
With the rifle is Bob Tingley TM 67-69
Behind Bob is Frank Schell YN 66-68
Easter Sunday 1968
All of the pictures above came from shipmate
Pete Milner RM 67-68
Thanks Pete!!
Topside watch, Henry Fulkowski EN,Jack Empie EN1, Allen Sharpe ENC
Harry Siska EN3 (68-69) Mike Noon EN, M.Gallagher & Russell Miller EN3
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