"The shipmates that I have been reunited with are now like my extended family"
Mack Harvey

TM 57-60

We're guessing, but we think the inboard boat is USS Entemedor (SS340),
Middle boat is USS Blenny, Outboard is, of course, USS Sea Owl.
Again, a good shot of our cannon, which, I will add, was chrome-plated.

Picture taken in Bermuda, 1968.

Weekend Duty Section.
Left to right is Dwight Bixler, Mike Fite, Lt. Bill Strohman, Keith Krause; with camera Greg Hankin; working on deck is Ray Mayo & Greg Breslin
Swim call in the Atlantic, 1968.
Left to right is Ted Kalman, above him is John Maccarino; sitting is Mike Carmody, Frank Cronin; sitting with rifle is Allen Wells; kneeling is Bill Kirby.
Beautiful day for a walk down the pier.
Where is that topside watch???
Softball game in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Second Chief from our left is
Dan Bodner (COB). Chief in sunglasses is Burkholder (EM). In dungaree shirt is
Bob Palmer. Umpire must be in the suit.
Party time, probably 1968.
Left to right, Ted Kalman, Darwyn Coons,
Greg Breslin, & Jim Galligan
Don Sedberry (top), Ken Florey (white T- shirt), Brunner & Ken Lendick
These photos provided by Greg Lee RM 68-69.
Does anyone know the fellow on the left???
In the middle is Robert (Moose) Money, to his right is
Dave (Slo-Buss) Tuttle. To Moose's left is (Zaz Zoo)
Pitts, the shipmate smiling at camera is
Bud (Puppy Dog) Ware.
Thanks, Bud, for this picture!!
This is Keith (Herman) Krause
MM 66-68

Picture taken in St.Tropez,France
during 65-66 Med trip
Thanks Ken Florey for picture

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