Additional photo taken of shipmates in the late 60's
sent in by shipmate Mike LaRose ST 68-69

These two pictures are of a skirt that we had around the escape trunk hatch, topside.
Russell Travis EN 3
Doing what he did best, taking care of our engines.
Lee Oelka TM2
Any bets that isn't mail in the bag.
Manuvering & Conning tower
George Brizius CS2(front)
I'm guessing this one but I think the person on extreme left,partly cut off is Jim Hendrickson LTJG
Center in black & white swim trunks is XO Sam Morris
Behind Sam, smiling is Ed Welch CS
The guy with the M-1, I'm told by Ed Welch is yours truly, Roy Purtell TM3. I'm not certain about that.
Chief of the Boat
Danny Bodner ENC
Probably telling Mike Noon ENFN, how to do it, and do if right.
We all learned a lot from COB Bodner !!!
Mk. 37 Torpedo & good picture of the bunk bottoms that were put under mattress, replacing the wire & springs that were used earlier.
Loading Mk.14 torpedo into forward room.
Straddling torpedo is 2nd Class TM Lee Oleka, to his right looks like TM Jim Franks. On the left behind the loading boom, looks like TM Allen Wells. Overseeing this operation appears to be LTJG Jim Henderickson.

With todays new boats, this operation is accomplished by loading the torpedo straight down the forward torpedo hatch. There is no longer a special torpedo loading hatch.

Coming into St. Croix, Virgin Islands
Water Slug

The firing of a torpedo tube, without the torpedo.Would push only the water out of the torpedo tube. If this were a starboard tube, nice way to greet visitors.

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