The Pictures on this page have been given to us by
Russell McKechnie
Captain USS Sea Owl SS405
USS 0 - 8 (SS 69)
Preparing for mooring at Submarine Base New London, CT.
Summer 1942.
JP Sonar head on forward deck.
Control Room, looking to port.
Bow and Stern planes hand and electric controls.
Shallow and deep depth gages.
Test Depth 200 feet.
Christmas tree forward of bow plane controls.
Air manifold and air bank controls, Aft port corner of Control room.
Five air banks.
Engine room looking aft.into motor room with high pressure pump.
Throttles at engine control station in foreground.
Head (throne) is forward of port engine. There were no doors on the crews head.
Engine room looking forward.
Twelve cylinder Nelsico engines.
Chow table in after battery is suspended from overhead.
Six could be served simultaneously.
Standing room only.
Motor room looking aft.
High pressure pump on centerline.
Port and Starboard main motors in foreground.
Escape hatch aft of high pressure pump.
Motor room is aftermost compartment on boat.
SA Russell McKechnie writing home March 1942.(Life magazine photo.)
Forward battery compartment, looking forward, starboard side.
Russell is sitting on a space heater, the only type of heaters they had.
Nine berths in forward battery for the crew.
Black box on bulkhead is hydrogen meter, crew lockers on bulkhead.
The covers on the mattress were in place full time.
Each person was issued a blanket.
Hot bunking was the rule.
Forward Battery compartment, looking forward.
Watertight door to Control room on left.
Battery ventilation blowers in foreground.
Officers' messgear lockers below blowers.
Torpedo room, looking forward.
Trim manifold.
Forward starboard corner of Control room.
This was Russell McKechnie's battle station.
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