These pictures were sent to me by Shipmate
Tom Simonson TM 51-54
I'm guessing on this but front & center may be Claire & Doty Blackwelder (TM).
Behind them is Jeanette & Jack Boelens (MM),
If you can identify anyone in these pictures. Please let me know. I would like to name each person.
In back of the picture, with sweater on is Jim Weingartner (MM 50-52). Directly in front of him, in white shirt is Doyt (Blackie) Blackwelder (TM). Smiling front right, in blues, is Jack Boelens (MM).
Far left,in blues is Breem (EM).
Standing in the hatch is Tom Simonson (TM 51-54).
With coffee cup is Fisher (?)
Left is Rufus Weaver (CS 47-59)
Mister Sea Owl
Rufus Weaver (CS 47-59)
Bob Kreeger standing, Ed Coover is looking at camera
Ed Coover
In rear of group, without shirt is Francis Rabaey (TM 53-55). Standing is Ed Coover, looking at camera is Douglas Bryant (ENC 52-53)
On left is Sanfortello (?)
Fisher standing looking at camera
Notice the safety line track running down topside, in later years this was flush with the deck as were the torpedo loading skid legs.
Unknown 1st Class
Unknown Seaman apprentice
Interesting: In this picture you can see the underway flag is flying. Although they are tied up next to the rescue boat.

Also, notice the aft rescue buoy. In the late 60's this was flush with the deck.

That is Francis Rabaey TM 53-55 walking toward camera in background.
Maguire & Breen are the others,Maguire is in whites.
Who's sleeping on deck????
The safety cable running along topside was no longer used. Would only use this while in dry dock.
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