This Group picture came from
Ernie Lassich EM 55-59

Thanks Ernie for this super picture

Left to right
Advancement day
Dan Ward MM3, Joe Elias EM3 ,Tom Moniz EM2
Walt Deal TM3 ,Peter Young ET ,John Solan EM3
Left to right
Don Sedberry TM, Ed Bess EM, Bud Ware ET,
Jim Judy
Bess really gets into his movies!!!
Left to right
Reno Farina & Gene Jastromski
Bob Thomas & Tom Caminish
They were responsible for manuvering room!!!!!
Left to right
Leonard Marcoux EM, Bob Thomas EM,
Tom Gilbert MM, Peter Young ET
Does anyone know where this picture was taken???
Left to right
Captain Russ McKechnie cutting the cake, Malbourne EM1, Ed Foster MM2, Tom Sanzalone TM3, John Munroe ENC, Jim Callan LT, Freddy Gross TM1
"This is the only picture I have of Little John Munroe ENC"
Sea Owl is celebrating her 8000th dive & surface.
On the left is Bob Kerzykowski with Tom Sanzalone
Standing on Sea Owl's bow
John Solon
Topside during torpedo recovery drill
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