The pictures on this page were given to us by shipmate
James Weingartner (Aux/MM 50-52
James (Skip) Weingartner
Aux 50-52
at the high pressure air manifold
USS Sea Owl
Port Au Prince 51-52
sailors topside are unknown
An aerial photograph of one of our submarines:
A proud and integral fighting force of the United States Navy
We have chosen for our 1952 calendar an aerial photograph of the submarine U.S.S. Sea Owl (SS405) taken off of Pea Patch Island,Delaware River, at 500 feet.

The selection of the Sea Owl was made for various reasons. First, our calendars throughout the years have never before pictured a submarine. We consequently felt that no presentation of ships would be complete without a tribute to this proud and integral fighting force of the United States Navy.

In the second place, we feel a certain amount of family pride in the Sea Owl. Her skipper is Commander George C. Cook, who learned his racing and swimming at Marblehead from his grandfather, Mr. A.W.Finlay, chairman of the board of our Company.

The keel of the Sea Owl was laid at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, February 7, 1944. She was launched May 7 and commissioned July 7.

Displacement: 1526 Tons
Dimensions: Length 311 feet, Breadth 27 feet,draft 17 feet.
Armament: 10 torpedo tubes, 24 torpedoes.

The Sea Owl started her first war patrol November 19, 1944. When the Japanese surrendered, the Sea Owl had traversed approximately 45,000 miles in three patrols, compiling a brilliant record.

This calendar for 1952 is offered to you with our sincere compliments. We should like to have you tell us if it was received in good condition.

Signed: George E. Finlay
Pres & Treas.

Geo. H. Ellis Co.
272 Congress Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Apparently the Sea Owl was pictured in a calendar of 1952.

Does anyone have one of these calendars ????

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