USS Sea Owl Battle Flag
A brief description of what each insignia means on the flag.

The parachute with the #6 represents 6 aviators that Sea Owl pulled from the China Sea on July 2, 1945. They were:

R.A Cross, Ensign USNR
D.L Cahill, Ensign USNR
H.E Spivey AOM1c
J.N Clark AMM2c
L.S Sullivan ARM2c
E.H Bruch AOM2c

"We had been assigned Life Guard duty for a portion of the patrol. After steaming 130 miles to reach them,
the Dumbo plane circling them had to leave prior to us reaching them, but a position on the plane and a high
periscope search found them."

The radio tower in upper right corner represents a communications tower on Pratas Island that Sea Owl fired
81 rounds of 5" and 40 rounds of 40mm to put out of commission.
This took place on March 26, 1945.

The scull and cross-bone on the reef represents a Japanese submarine that Sea Owl sunk on April, 18 1945.
It was later discovered that this played a very important part in the US regaining Wake Island, as this submarine
was carrying supplies for the Japanese soldiers that were on Wake Island. When Wake Island was retaken, those
Japanese soldiers were without food or ammunition.

The floating mine with "32" represents the total number of floating mines that Sea Owl exploded, mostly in the
Yellow Sea, using the deck mounted guns.

"Where it was foggy most of the time, no fun!!"

The Man of War flags on the bottom were destroyer type and ASW vessels that Sea Owl was given credit in sinking.

"A large junk we demolished which was taken over by Jap Army with Korean crew where we took several prisoners.
We put the Koreans in an abandoned life boat, gave them jackets and salami and shoved them off for Korea which was in sight.
Took the Japs back to Saipan with us and turned them over to the Marines there. Couldn't vouch for their treatment then. Our Hospital
Corpman threated their wounds. We had torpedo problems and missed some others. Too bad!!!"

The quoted text is from shipmate Bob Schlichenmaier QM 44-48. Bob was onboard during Sea Owl's 3 war patrols.
Thanks Bob !!


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