USS Sea Owl Gangplank Canvas
Shipmates & Visitors:
This canvas is displayed at the U.S. Submarine Veterans WWII Submarine Library Museum, 440 Washington Street, Middletown, CT.

The owner of this museum, Ben Bastura, told me that this canvas was left on his front porch one night, in the middle of the night, by an anonymous giver. There was a note with it asking Ben to take care of the canvas, as it was very fragile.

Ben has the canvas nailed on a wall in an upstairs room, where it has been since Ben found it on his front porch. It has not been moved since Ben nailed it up.

The canvas is somewhat of a mystery. As you can see, it has the Sea Owl insignia of the Owl with torpedoes under its wing -- the same insignia used in the post WWII Sea Owl patch. However the words, "The Pacesetter", are not associated with the Sea Owl as far as I can find. I have asked others this question as well; this still remains a mystery.

Also, most gangplank canvases that you see have the ship's name clearly displayed on the canvas. The name Sea Owl isn't on this canvas. Could this insignia have been used prior to the time that it was used for the USS Sea Owl???

If you can offer any information on this canvas, please contact me

Ben Bastura, the curator of the Submarine Library Museum in Middletown, CT, passed away 3/29/03. His museum's contents, per Ben's wishes, have been transferred to the submarine musuem in St. Mary's, GA.

For more information on Ben, see this article:

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