This picture was taken from Sea Owl's periscope.

Given to us by former sub school sailor
Ed Barr TM3(SS)

Thanks Ed for great picture!!!

On 13 November 1961, while a student in sub school at New London CT, and as you may well recall in your own case, part way thru the course, among others I went aboard the SEA OWL for one of three day trips on an assigned "school boat". On that particular day we operated in conjunction with the TUSK SS-426 in Long Island Sound and as part of the rotating "duties" while on the SEA OWL, to help familiarize the sub school students with hardware we'd been studying about, part of that duty actually included time at the periscope in the Conning Tower. Until that time, prior to joining the Navy I'd only read about submarines - and then suddenly - there I was, on one, actually looking out of a periscope!
To make a long story short, I'd never seen anything like that in my life and not knowing that the then Captain of the 405 was behind me, I spotted the 426 on the surface, pretty much as you see her in the attached JPG scan and like the excited kid I was at the time I recall blurting out something along the lines, "... you guys ought to see this! There's a sub on the surface just ahead of us!" I recall someone asking, and rather quietly at that, "May I have a look?" Not knowing who it was, I remember refusing to give up the scope, saying something like, "No. In a minute," or words to that effect. A sharp command from someone else in the Conn jolted me back into reality, telling me to stand back "...the Captain wants to have a look!" It was the Captain I believe who took the photo(s) of the TUSK, and he or the XO saw to it that I got copies, and I still have the two originals. Both were long ago framed and mounted. One is at home, the other here at the office, and scan of which has been sent to you.

As for the favor, have you any idea of the CO of the 405 was in November of 61? I ask this as I do not recall having ever thanked him and if the old boy is still alive, I'd like very much to send him a thank you note.

Should anyone remember this incident, please let Ed Barr know who was in the conn with him that day.