This charter establishes the U.S.S. SEA OWL (SS-405) ASSOCIATION hereinafter referred to as "The Association". This is in accordance of a simple vote by the majority of members in good standing at the reunion 1998 in Hagerstown,Md.

The purpose of this association is to further enhance the camaraderie, fellowship and personal relationships among the officers and crews that served aboard the SEA OWL during her long and illustrious career. The Association will conduct periodic reunions determined by the officers and members of The Association before the close of the business meeting during the reunion. The following offices are established to conduct the business of The Association on behalf of the members.
(1) Determine the exact dates and location of the next reunion with due consideration given to the desires of the members and the advice and consent of a majority of The Association officers.
(2) Advance planning for the next reunion and implementation of the plan.
(3) Appoint two (2) advisors to assist with planning and implementation of the plan.
(4) Appoint a “Coordinator/Host” from the general locale of the next reunion to assist the president in the planning, interfacing and preparations for the reunion.
(5) Authorize expenditures from The Association treasury.
(1) Assist the president in discharging his responsibilities.
(2) Replace the president if he becomes incapacitated or unable to discharge his duties.
(3) Receive, log and maintain artifacts of The Association and U.S.S. Sea Owl SS-405 until a proper place of display is found.
(1) Maintain the membership roster and mailing list.
(2) Record and distribute the minutes of business meetings.
(3) Prepare letters that the President deems necessary.
(1) Responsible for collection of annual dues.
(2) Maintain financial records and account for The Association. Prepare a semi-annual report on the 1st of November and the 1st of May and cause the report to be published in the appropriate newsletter after the approval of the president.
(3) Disburse any funds necessary for the business of The Association.
(4) Present financial report at reunion business meetings.
(1) The election of officers will be completed before the close of the business meeting at every reunion.
(2) Candidates will be nominated from the floor and officers elected by a simple majority vote of members in good standing present at the business meeting. Members not in attendance may be nominated and vote via U.S. Postal Service. Mail nominations must be received by the President two (2) months and votes two (2) weeks before the reunion business meeting. Votes will be tabulated by two Association members in good standing appointed by the president and announced at the reunion business meeting.
(1) Membership in The Association is open to all former crew members and their families. Dues are ten dollars ($10) per year. Only one fee per family is required. Lifetime memberships are available for $100.00. The Newsletter will be mailed to that family member that pays dues. The Association dues may be waived in unusual incidents upon approval of The Association officers.

(2) For the purpose of collecting annual dues the fiscal year will run from November 1 through
October 31. Dues are due on November 1st.

Acceptance of an amendment will be by a majority vote of members present.

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